Hotel 5 Colonne

Inside a historic building in the heart of Dolo, the Hotel 5 Colonne is distinguished by a contemporary interior design modelled to emphasize the original characteristics of the architectural structure. Colours, materials and furnishing elements dialogue with the imposing old beams, brought back to view, inspired by the colours of tradition revived by lively accents.

The welcoming reception area, characterized by a long workbench reinterpreted, leads to a palette that includes dusty shades of teal and purple combined with the warmth of natural wood. The original stone staircase leading to the first floor has been highlighted by monochrome walls painted in a warm dove grey, nuance found also in the corridors leading to the rooms, and brightened up by unusual décor elements that create a fun surprise effect. At the top of the staircase opens a bright parlour with a double view, typical of historic Venetian buildings, where ancient and contemporary blend perfectly in a play of tones and references. The palette is inspired by the tones of the traditional Venetian terrace that characterizes the floor, enriched by touches of purple and bright green that blink at the contemporary and embellished with lush wide leaf plants for indoor. The important Murano chandelier that comes down from the beamed ceiling creates a successful contrast with the minimal tables in recovered wood and steel and the classic carpets that recall the atmosphere of a house living room.  The rooms are also characterized by a decidedly welcoming atmosphere, made up of soft fabrics, coloured cushions, vintage sofas and coffee tables. Each room has a private bathroom, created inside the room by means of a very light steel and satin glass partition panel that allows natural light to filter through, increasing the brightness of the rooms.

  • Credits: Silvio Stefani, Architect. Clara Galanti, Photo.
  • Project: Studio Metamorphosi104.
  • Category / Hotels
  • Location / Mirano, Venice
  • Year / 2017
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