Bonotto delle Tezze

Inside the homonymous agricultural estate, an ancient family property with more than six hundred years of history, the headquarters of Bonotto delle Tezze consists of a double row of buildings of the sixteenth century that enclose the cellar, the former stables, the well and the barn now used for drying grapes. The recovery and restyling work mainly concerns the tasting room, created on the first floor of the “barchessa” (barn) from which you can then access the aging rooms and the cellar. A spacious and atmospheric environment that, in ancient times, housed the wagons with the grapes ready for pressing.

The project has preserved the original taste of the hall through a balanced use of contemporary touches and simple materials, typical of rural houses. The space, in fact, is characterized by beautiful stone walls, a ceiling of original wooden beams and four large green doors that open onto the spaces of the old stables. To the left of the hall, on the wall where the rustic brick and steel fireplace is located, two functional rooms have been created: a cosy kitchen equipped for events and tastings and the original toilets, where the classic milking buckets have been used instead of sinks. Both rooms are characterized by warm rust-coloured spatula walls that harmonize with the wooden surfaces of the doors, of the bathrooms, and of the cold rooms in the kitchen. The décor of the room plays on the recovery of the materials and their reinterpretation, with large tables made using racks for the marc and wooden seats different from each other. The hall ends with a charming glass greenhouse overlooking the garden, designed to take full advantage of the natural daylight giving a great breath to the entire environment. 

  • Credits: Silvio Stefani, Architect. Clara Galanti, Photo.
  • Project: SideProgetti.
  • Category / Company , Food
  • Location / Vazzola, Treviso, Italy
  • Year / 2016
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