The restaurant and pizzeria is located inside the Le Vele shopping centre in Desenzano del Garda, a glass and steel gallery surrounded by greenery that resembles a bright botanical greenhouse. The design of the restaurant is integrated into the surrounding space thanks to soft colours and materials, enriched by creative touches that give personality to the environment.

The restaurant is spread over three areas, at the entrance there is a pizzeria with a bench for the preparation of dough and a wood-burning oven “on sight” that becomes a lively element of furniture. Then there is the professional “concealed” kitchen which, thanks to a system of wooden doors that can be opened, can be hidden from view or revealed. This area dedicated to work environments is characterized by a system of circular maxi-lamps on the ceiling from which hundreds of spoons of polished steel descend, creating an installation of great effect. The palette includes different shades of grey, from the intense grey of the steel used for the wood-burning oven and for the concealed kitchen surfaces, to the very light grey of the wood covering the floor, the openable wall and the long tables overlooking the third area, the one dedicated to customers. Here, as in a covered garden, there are light wood tables that enjoy the natural light that filters through the glass structure, softened by a row of red awnings that protect from direct sunlight. To give a sense of continuity, circular ceiling chandeliers that recall those of the interior have been installed, outlining the area of pertinence of the restaurant.

  • Credits: Silvio Stefani, Architect. Clara Galanti, Photo.
  • Category / Food
  • Location / Desenzano del Garda, Brescia, Italy
  • Year / 2016
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