Il Segreto

The starred restaurant, located inside the Abacus headquarters but open to the public, is characterized by the enveloping atmosphere of a chic lounge. The entrance door recalls the iconic locks of the ancient coffers and introduces the main hall, an open space divided into various rooms thanks to a careful arrangement of tables, chairs and sofas in velvet.

With material walls in various shades of grey illuminated by compositions of antique mirrors, small sculptures and candelabra, the interior design is defined by the attention to detail and the search for colours and fabrics. The overlapping of délavé carpets placed on the natural stone floors, which vary from grey to red, gives a touch of soft colour to the environment.

The iron fireplace has been recessed into a lead grey corner structure which in the central part acts as a wood holder while on the side it becomes a bookcase, creating a truly welcoming private corner. A system of ceiling spotlights, some of which are recessed in the “fan shaped” false ceilings, generates soft diffused lighting, accentuated, where necessary, by candles.

In the centre of the room is Octopus, a designer chandelier that reinterprets the tapered lines of Murano’s masterpieces in a contemporary key. A large floor-to-ceiling window separates the indoor room from the terrace which, during the summer, becomes a charming furnished déhor with a view of the garden and the outdoor fountain where an oversized version of the Octopus chandelier has been placed on the ceiling.

  • Credits: Silvio Stefani, Architect. Clara Galanti, Photo.
  • Category / Food
  • Location / Wittenbach, Switzerland
  • Year / 2016
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