Private Residence H

The interior design of this private home, a building with a modern flavor and a magnificent panoramic view, it is a game of balance between ethnic suggestions and contemporary lines which stands out for its personality and ingenious “tailored” solutions. An alternation of spaces cleverly designed to embrace those who live them and make them their own daily, exploiting to maximum natural light through skylights and panoramic windows.

From the back entrance you can access an actual court serving as the living room, overlooked by the ground-floor rooms. The structure of the building is rigorous, characterized by a modern glass and steel structure, softened and warmed by a Mexico smelling taste in decor, in an alternation of shapes and chromatic contrasts that blend perfectly with the natural cement tiles floor.

Designed ad hoc to create a connection between the living room and the living area, the weathering steel double faced fireplace is a decorative and functional solution that separates the two environments without creating real divisions. The living area, with a large panoramic window overlooking the lake, including a large kitchen island, a wooden table and a maxi sofa facing the horizon, is the true convivial heart of the residence. A staircase leads to a practical mezzanine used as break room or play area. From the living area it is also possible to access the family’s private rooms. Downstairs we find the music room and a large wellness area with spa which feature

the use of natural materials such as wood, marble and stone. The pillars have been

embellished with a cover that recalls bamboo canes, used as decorative wall-mounted elements. A corridor leads to the Turkish bath, the sauna and the service bathroom, while in the central hall, preceded by a spectacular backlit marble counter, a service kitchen has been obtained. The hot tub, placed on a slightly raised platform in marine wood, preludes to the adjacent massage room. Beside it, with direct access to the garden through a panoramic window that recalls that of the living area, is placed the infinity pool overlooking the lake.

  • Credits: Silvio Stefani, Architect. Clara Galanti, Photo.
  • Category / Home
  • Location / Heiden, Switzerland
  • Year / 2017
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