Rosa Rosae

Locanda Rosa Rosae, which was built following the restoration of a mill dating back to 1570, preserves the original atmosphere of the building, enriched by a unique interior d├ęcor. The structure, divided into private house, restaurant and inn, has been restored preserving all the characteristic elements of the place: from the exposed bricks to the wooden beams, from the gear room to the fireplace room, both part of the restaurant, to the characteristic wooden staircase leading to the upper floor, where the guest rooms and the private apartment are located.

In a play of subtle contrasts that delineate an almost fairy-tale atmosphere, the furnishings are a rich mix of rustic and essential elements and materials, vintage objects and brochanteries, maxi works of contemporary art and design pieces such as the Eames chairs or the giant Octopus chandelier, also designed by Silvio Stefani. The lighting is almost entirely entrusted to a suggestive game of candles and lanterns that create soft points of light and great atmosphere, dialoguing with the shapes of the objects. Rich compositions of fresh flowers, green plants, aromatic herbs and coloured fruits decorate the rooms and complete the mise en place of the deliberately naked tables, set up only with original pewter plates, glasses and cutlery. The central hall, where the entrance is also located, is the space used for the spectacular islands of the buffet where the food itself becomes a decorative motif between shades of colour and games of shapes and sizes. The outdoor garden, furnished with wrought iron tables and chairs, recalls the bucolic atmosphere of the French countryside, offering a panoramic view of the vineyards and the peaceful surrounding nature.

  • Credits: Silvio Stefani, Architect. Clara Galanti, Photo.
  • Category / Food
  • Location / Breda di Piave, Treviso, Italy
  • Year / 2009
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