Abacus Hall

The lobby was designed to become the beating heart of the Abacus headquarters in Wittenbach, the first to be established some twenty years ago.

The spectacular mirror building that houses the company headquarters has a fluid structure, consisting of two wings and a central pyramidal body where the entrance is located. Inside, several architectural projects carried out over the years coexist, giving a vivaciously eclectic appearance.

The restyling of the hall, completed in XXXXX, involved the creation of a bar island and two relaxation areas with sofas and poufs which, thanks to the use of natural colours and organic forms, follow the spaces without being intrusive. The bar area, with its long stainless steel table and integrated seats, allows to make the most of the spaces without becoming an element of fragmentation. Completed by a sculptural wall with shelves in weathering steel, which becomes both a decorative and functional element, the equipped island fits perfectly into the environment without weighing it down. The load-bearing columns have been transformed into luminous decorative elements thanks to a carved weathering steel covering that recalls the dynamic movement of the tiles on the floor.

The same motif is taken up in the wall elements that hide XXX, becoming pleasant sculptural applications that refine the stone wall. The cosy main relaxation area, positioned on a slightly elevated wooden platform, has been equipped with white sofas and maxi-poufs and natural wood tables.

The second common area, conceived as a meeting area with a playful and informal flavour, is instead characterised by two tree trunks positioned like columns around which there are leather-coloured poufs, cushions and seats.

  • Credits: Silvio Stefani, Architect. Clara Galanti, Photo.
  • Category / Company
  • Location / Wittenbach, Switzerland
  • Year / 2001
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