Pasticceria Fondente

A pastry shop with a very specific and rigorous concept, which aims at absolute product quality, research and customer care. The architectural project develops from these assumptions, creating a functional and welcoming environment describing the philosophy of the owners through the use of colours and the distribution of spaces.

At the entrance of the pastry shop, like a welcome antechamber, a small lounge has been created, furnished with cylindrical tables and soft padded seats in coloured canvas, that enjoy the natural light coming from the glass wall. On the back wall stands out a black steel bookcase that decorates the room, inviting you to a prolonged stay, an element also used in the area for the tables. Beyond an industrial-style window, the central pastry shop room opens up, characterised by sober colours and an essential and contemporary design. The right wall has been equipped with a system of wall shelves used to display special products of excellence, while the left side of the room has been reserved for the wooden maxi-bench that includes a service area and an exhibition area. The colour palette, which ranges from natural tones such as light wood to shades of grey in the furnishings and on the walls, welcomes and highlights the cheerful expanses of sweet and savoury homemade products. The area of the craft laboratory is located at the back of the room, divided from the customer areas by an industrial wall in steel and frosted glass that allows light to pass through, becoming another pleasantly decorative element. The hand-written blackboards where products, ingredients and specialties are listed are a further touch of freshness that softens the rigor of lines and colours creating an informal and pleasant atmosphere.

  • Credits: Silvio Stefani, Architect. Clara Galanti, Photo.
  • Project: Studio Metamorphosi104.
  • Category / Food
  • Location / Roncade, Treviso, Italy
  • Year / 2017
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