Abacus Large 1

Consisting of two sections, connected by a suspended walkway, Abacus Large is spread over three levels that lead to the panoramic terraces. Crossing the threshold of the right wing, you find yourself in a completely new environment compared to the eclectic architectural mixes of the central body. More textured, the building plays on the use of exposed concrete that, like a white canvas, is softened by the colourful artistic incursions of Tony Gallo.

The building, located in front of the historic headquarters, looks like a modern complex, with clean and essential forms that reinterpret the central body in a more linear key.

The interior design interventions prefer the use of simple materials, such as natural parquet on the ground, coconut for the circular elements on the ceiling and the cupboards on the wall, concrete strips for the external floors.

The stairs offer a changing spectacle, from the resins on the flooring that change colour from one floor to another, to the coloured leaves designed by Gallo, to the beautiful weathering steel grilles with vase holders designed to accommodate decorative plants. On each floor there is a long corridor with double exposure on which overlook the offices and, depending on the floor, fountains for water, refreshment points for a quick coffee or presentation screens accompanied by fun colourful mini-pouffes.

On the soundproof windows of the offices we read excerpts from The Little Prince who, like a subtle inspiring common thread, accompanies the days of those who live these spaces. In general, a pleasantly relaxed, young and informal atmosphere is perceived, typical of those who live the workplace as an open, contaminating design space.

In the external area that, like a small square, is located between the two bodies of the building, a green weathering steel island has been positioned with seats made from authentic tree trunks designed for a break in the open air, with a view of the forest in front.

The bottom of the suspended walkway connecting the two buildings has been embellished with a poetic interweaving of flowers and leaves handmade by a Balinese craftsman, also used for the new interiors of the left wing.

  • Credits: Silvio Stefani, Architect. Clara Galanti, Photo.
  • Category / Company
  • Location / Wittenbach, Switzerland
  • Year / 2017
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